Individual Therapy

People seek out therapy for a lot of different reasons—some are explicit and tangible, while others are more subtle and less obvious.

I have clients who come in knowing exactly why they’re seeking therapy. In most of these cases, their reasons are explicit enough that they can be put into words succinctly and without much difficulty. These typically include—

I also have clients who come to therapy because they’re unclear about why they’re troubled by persistent feelings of being lost, confused, and disconnected in life. In most of these cases, their reasons are implicit to the point of being nearly ineffable, at least in the moment. 

Whether you have explicit or implicit reasons for seeking therapy, I can help you make better sense of and eventually lift the weight off your emotional and behavioral struggles.

You want to be heard and be accepted, and I want that for you too. A good part of both my professional practice and personal philosophy has always centered around helping people learn what it takes to live a good life. I provide  a judgement-free space, so you can explore emotions safely and comfortably.

Therapy is what ultimately empowers you to take a sophisticated look at your entire life through its many facets, including—

Through psychotherapy that’s personalized around your specific needs and treatment goals, we will work towards creating positive, meaningful, sustainable change.

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

―Carl Jung